Hello! My name is Andrew Ealovega.

I'm an aspiring programmer who loves to experiment. Here's a peek at what I'm working on!

Queue Alert Rust Typescript

Queue Alert is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that will send notifications whenever an amusement ride reaches a certain wait-time threshold. It is designed to be mobile first and highly unobtrusive to use. Under the hood, Queue Alert is implemented as a Typescript Reactjs frontend, with a Rust based actix web push server acting as the backend.

Timebay Rust

Timebay is an ad hoc distributed system for timing student vehicles. It utilises a series of sensor nodes to create a mesh network, which is used both to send timing data, and to connect to devices on the vehicle in motion. Timebay was designed for the Edge Computing course at UM Dearborn, and as such contains an extensive evaluation and reasurch paper to match. Timebay is easily my largest personal end to end project, as it had me working on everything from CAD for sensor mounts to creating docker containers for clock synchronisation.

Intelligent Systems Club
Phoenix Rust C++ Python Ros2

Project Phoenix is an autonomous go-kart. I've been a primary contributor into the overall software design of Phoenix, as well as large amounts of the CAN bus controllers, and of course the high level ROS code. Phoenix has been an excellent chance to learn the challenges of system integration between subteams, since its CAN bus has intersecting demands of hardware, electrical, and software members.

TinyKart Rust C++ Python Ros2

TinyKart is an autonomous RC car platform designed for prototyping and education. It incorporates small scale sensors and ROS2, just like larger projects in the club, alongside embedded Rust code running on a RaspberryPi Pico to communicate with actuation hardware.

KiloOhm C++ Python Ros2

KiloOhm was our pathfinding robot for the 2022 IGVC competition. It uses a camera and lidar to avoid barrels and white lines, which are fed to A* and DWB to navigate the course. It ended up as a finalist in the design competition.

Rust Web Push Rust

Rust Web Push is a library that provides the tools needed to send web push notifications to clients using any standard web push API. I originally began contributing to the crate while working on Queue Alert, eventually taking up a maintainer position. My work in this repository is a great example of what my professional code looks like, including things such as git etiquette and documenting breaking changes. It's even used in Lichess!

WrapAround C# Typescript

WrapAround is an online clone of Pong with 16 players per game and breakable blocks akin to breakout. The game incorporates much of the .Net stack, including: Asp.Net Core, Signalr, Blazor WebAssmebly, custom System.Text.Json converters and more. Feel free to verse your friends, or play yourself by opening multiple browser windows.