Hello! My name is Andrew Ealovega.

I'm an aspiring programmer who loves to experiment. Here's a peek at what I'm working on!


WrapAround is an online clone of Pong with 16 players per game and breakable blocks akin to breakout. The game incorporates much of the .Net stack, including: Asp.Net Core, Signalr, Blazor WebAssmebly, custom System.Text.Json converters and more. Feel free to verse your friends, or play yourself by opening multiple browser windows.


SyncSharp is my answer to the lack of dead simple open source file syncronisation software on Windows. It allows for both per file and per folder syncs at defined time periods, which can be monitored and edited using the GUI. This is all achieved using a windows service, which communicates with the GUI using named pipes.

Truth Table Generator

My Truth Table Generator creates truth tables from arbitrary Sentential Logic Expressions. The internal expression tree uses the Expression API from Linq, so expressions inputted are essentially "JITed" by the runtime. As per usual, the frontend is implemented in Blazor WebAssmebly.


IPSWdl is a command line utility to download Apple's IPSW firmware files. The original ipswdl is written in .Net and compiled to native code using CoreRt, while ipswdl2 is a rewrite in rust that improves its real world usablity by adding proper logging, progress bars, and a more mature UX. Ipswdl2 is used at my current job to ensure fast turnarounds if a device reinstall is needed, as we don't need to download large files while customers wait.


Initially made to fill in the lack of a standard heap and result, Algo is a collection of data-structures, helper classes, extensions, and functional constructs made to fill in gaps in the BCL.